Department of English : Morigaon College


The Department of English was established in 1964 along with the establishment of the college. The major course was started in 1996 and since then, the Department has been contributing a lot towards imparting education in English Literature and Language in the entire district of Morigaon and its neighboring areas. This department has produced many successful alumni, who are now engaged in different fields. a few of them have pursued their masters in English, others have been pursuing their higher studies and many others have been appointed as teachers in different government as well as private schools.

Apart from regular teaching in the department, the faculty members are involved in many research works and have published their research articles in the internationally reputed Journals and conference proceedings. The major thrust areas for research are English Literature, English Language, Linguistics, and Folklore etc.


The Department of English was started in the year 1964 with three renowned educationists of the region, namely, Prabhu Narayan Mazumdar, Kuladhar Nath and Naba Kanta Bordoloi. Initially the Department offered B.A. Pass Course English (Compulsory Course) to the Degree Students. In the year 1996, Major Course was introduced and since then it has been offering English Major/Honours. Before the introduction of CBCS, the Department offered Functional English (Compulsory Course) to the B.Sc students. The Department started to offer Certificate Course in "Spoken English" from the year 2018 as one of its best practices then. This Departmental initiative was later institutionalised by the College and now every Department offers atleast two certificate courses. The Department has organised a Webinar on "Eco-Criticism and Covid-19 Pandemic: A Literary Survey" on 6 July, 2021. It has also organised an International Seminar on "Green Literature and Philosophy: Text, Contexts and Arguements" on 20 and 21 December, 2022. 



To create a congenial atmosphere for the flourishing of literary acumen and creativity.


Come, Learn and Create.!!


The vision of the Department of English is to nurture the literary sensibilities of the young minds towards achieving academic excellence and language competence, as well as to motivate them in developing critical thinking and creativity.


To make the vision a reality, the Department is committed to employing latest  pedagogies in teaching-learning, thereby cultivating the literary sensibilities of the learners and achieving the Couse Outcomes. Through student oriented learning aproaches, the Department focuses on motivating the learners to develop their creative potential and critical thinking powers. The Department fosters inculcation of values, ethics and humanitarian zeal for the all round development of the students, thereby enabling them to participate in the society as responsible individuals.


1. Enabling the students to sharpen their literary sensibilities for understanding and appreciating literary works.

2. Guiding the students towards a sound understanding of the major literary, linguistic and cultural theories.

3. Motivating the students towards creative as well as critical writings.

4. Encouraging the students to relate to other cultures.

5. Preparing the students with skills necessary for their higher studies and careers.


Courses Offered

Regular Courses:

1. English Honours (Under CBCS)

2. AEC Communicative English (Arts)

3. AEC Communicative English (Science)

4. AEC Communicative English (Commerce)

5. English Major

6.English Minor

7.Alternative English

Add-on Courses

1. Certificate Course in English Grammar

2. Certificate Course in Spoken English

3. Certificate Course in Business

Resources of the Department

Located in the front side within the college premises the department has good infrastructural facilities. It is in the easy reach of the students and outsiders. It has a big and spacious room for the faculties to sit in as well as for containing other articles and essentials for departmental activities. There is a departmental library having a bookshelf containing course-related and extra books.The department has separate sitting arrangement with a table and chair for the HoD and for other four faculty members. There are chairs and a big table, all the chairs being cosy. There are two almirahs for keeping departmental belongings, a rack for keeping students attendance registers, chalk boxes etc., a desktop computer with a printer, a display board with the names of faculties working or retired, a water purifier and a dust bin. The department has for itself a wall magazine by the entrance into it. It is enriched with two smart classrooms for effective and substantial teaching.


1. The current faculty profile with specialisation in different fields of literature, language, culture studies and folklore enables a smooth and efficient delivery of the curriculum .

2. Congenial teaching-learning environment.

3. Cordial relation between teachers and students.

4. Providing the students a good number of course related books in the Central Library of the college under the recommendation of the department.


1. Many students coming from under previledged families are first generation learners. This is a major drawback towards the progress of the department.

2. Students from vernacular medium find it difficult to cope up with the course in the initial stage.

3. Insufficient number of teachers.

4. The classrooms are not adjacent to the department which creates difficulty in monitoring the students.


1. The add on courses offered by the Department create enhanced opportunities for the learners.

2. The Inter departmental faculty exchage programmes are targetted to benefit the students of the department.

3.  Students get opportunities to nurture their creative faculties.


1. Improving the communication skills of the students.

2. Motivating students towards creative writings.

3. Bridging the gap between slow and advanced learners

4. Overcoming the digital divide that creates disparities among the learners


Activities of the Department

Apart from teaching-learning, the department has conducted the following activities:

  1. Offering of Certificate Course in “Tiwa Language” from the academic session 2022-23.
  2. Add-on-Course on Test of English as a Forein Language (TOEFL) from the academic since session 2020-21.
  3. Add-on-Certificate Course on Spoken English since the academic session 2020-21
  4. National Webinar on “Eco-Criticism and Covid-19 Pandemic: A Literary Survey” on 6 July, 2021
  5. International Seminar on “Green Literature and Philosophy: Texts, Contexts and Arguments” on 20 and 21 December, 2022
  6. Community Service (Cleanliness Drive) at Naokata, Morigaon on 18 March, 2023.
  7. Lecture Series (First Lecture) on “Philosophy of Rabindra Nath Tagore” on 17 June 2022, delivered by Dr.&

Awards of the Department

Students Awards

Krishna Hazarika, student of sem VI was awarded:

 ★ 3rd prize for spot story writing competition organised by Gauhati University in 2022;

 ★ first prize in essay writing competition organised on "Wetland Day" by Kampur College in 2022;

 ★ second prize in online article writing competition organised by "Population Solution Foundation, Majuli" in the year 2022.

 ★ 1st prize in the B section of the Assam based essay competition organized by the Shubhakankshi Group 2021.

 ★ 1st prize in the C section of the state-wide self-composed poetry competition jointly organized by children's magazines 'Mouchak' and 'Mahima' 2021.

 ★ “Student Leader Pinkal Dutta Memorial Foundation” won 2nd prize in essay competition organized on the occasion of the birth anniversary of student leader Pinkal Dutta 2021.


Publication of the Department

No Data Available

Achievements of the Department

Dhanya Devi, student of Semester VI published poems in

★ Destiny (ISBN 978-39-91221-01-0);

★ Just Another Me (ISBN 978-93-90328-28-4);

★ Stardust (ISBN 978-93-90458-96-7);

★ Embrace the Flaws and Gleam (ISBN 978-93-90487-88-2).

★ She has compiled and edited a collection of poetry titled My Perception of Life (ASIN B09D9Y3BSV).

Future Plan of the Department

Future Plans:

  1. Introduction of  PG classes.
  2. To arrange special classes for competitive examinations.
  3. To organize workshops/seminars for teachers as well as students.
  4. To collaborate with other institutions for exchange research.
  5. To have a well equipped computer laboratory.
  6. To introduce TOEFL couching.

Best Practices

Best practices of the department:

  1. Targeting Awareness on Importance and Learning of English among School Students 
  2. Lecture Series on Life and Learning